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Sailor Moon Eternal Movie Part 1 (2021) Dual Audio English-Japanese (Eng Subs) x264 WEB-DL 480p [279MB] | 720p [617MB] mkv

You are Here to Download Sailor Moon Eternal Movie Part 1 (2021) Dual Audio English-Japanese (Eng Subs) x264 WEB-DL 480p [279MB] | 720p [617MB] mkv Full Movie. and Available in Multiple Format 480p 720p 1080p 4k HD Hevc x264 and x265 . This Movies Genre is Based on A-Z index, Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Dual Audio, English, Fantasy, Movies, Romance. This Film/Movie Also Available in Dual Audio. You Can Get Direct Google Drive Link with High Speed Below.

IMDB Rating:7.1/10
Duration:1h 21min
Genre:Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Release Date:08/01/2021 (JP)
Director:Naoko Takeuchi
Film Stars:Kotono Mitsuishi(voice), Stephanie Sheh (English version), Kate Higgins (English version)
Quality/Size:WEB-DL 480p [279MB] | 720p [617MB]
Format: MKV
Movie Plot:Part 1
Picking off where Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 left off, during the Solar eclipse, Usagi, Chibiusa, and Mamoru receive a vision from a pegasus named Helios asking for their help, and Mamoru gets a stabbing feeling in his chest. The Dead Moon Circus arrives on a flagship and its members conjure a dark barrier around the area where the circus tent is.

That night, Chibiusa dreams of riding Helios, who gives her a bell, telling her to ring it if she needs him, and that he needs the Golden Crystal to save Elysion. When Chibiusa tries to return to the 30th century with Diana, the dark barrier stops her and alerts the Amazoness Quartet, prompting them to send a tiger to investigate. Usagi and Chibiusa’s brooches are upgraded, allowing them to transform into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon. The Amazoness send some Lemures to fight the Sailor Guardians, but they quickly destroy them. Mamoru faints from the pain in his chest, and PallaPalla from the Quartet switches Usagi and Chibiusa’s ages.

The circus’ ringleader Zirconia is instructed by her master, Queen Nehelenia, to let the Sailor Guardians’ nightmares take hold of them so she can obtain the Silver Crystal. PallaPalla sends the Amazon Trio members Fish Eye, Tiger’s Eye, and Hawk’s Eye to respectively trap Ami, Rei, and Makoto in nightmares, one Guardian at a time. However, the girls are able to break free of them and transform with their crystals into their Super Sailor forms, enabling them to destroy the Amazon Trio. Helios reveals that Mamoru’s ingravescent chest pain is caused by Nehelenia’s curse on Elysion, a sacred place within Earth. This curse also turns Helios, Elysion’s priest, into a pegasus, imprisoning him in a cage from which he is astral projecting. Sailor Moon says she will heal Mamoru and hugs him which then gives Usagi the same curse as Mamoru.

Minako is unable to transform, and the Amazoness VesVes sends two knife-throwing twins, Xenotime and Zeolite, after her. In the ensuing conflict, VesVes sends her falling to her death, but she is saved by Artemis, who is about to be crushed with a boulder by PallaPalla but he turns human and gives Minako her crystal, enabling her to transform into Super Sailor Venus and destroy Xenotime and Zeolite. PallaPalla then traps the four Sailor Guardians in vines. Usagi then falls ill from a black rose inside her as well, and Zirconia brings darkness to Earth with the nightmare energy she has accumulated.

In a post-credits scene, Sailor Saturn, speaking within Hotaru, says the second coming is at hand.

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